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Cedarwood + Spruce 2 in 1 Soap | Mama Bath + Body

Cedarwood + Spruce 2 in 1 Soap

Buy two bars of soap, get $1 off!
  • Product Description

    Mama® artisan soap is hand-crafted with olive, coconut and palm oils, using the cold process method of soap making. Our bars have an outstanding lather and leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Unlike commercial brands, our soap retains its glycerin, which makes for a naturally moisturizing soap. 

    **IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PALM OIL: We are greatly aware of the malpractice issues in the palm oil industry and the serious impact of palm oil that has been irresponsibly cultivated. We ONLY use responsibly and sustainably sourced, RSPO certified, organic palm oil in our soaps. Click here for more info: https://www.rspo.org/about

    Cedarwood + Spruce - light, woodsy notes of cedarwood and fresh, earthy tones of spruce smell like a hike in the woods. Great for the outdoorsy type. (Recommended for all skin types). Our 2 in 1 soaps come with an exfoliating side with ground pumice.

    We cut each bar a chunky 5 oz, and cure it for 3 weeks. The finished bars look splendidly natural, like the ingredients that they are made of. 

    Our soaps are great in the shower! We use them with a nylon puff for a great lather.

    Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, palm & coconut, botanicals, ground pumice & essential oils.

    Product tip:
     For best use, we recommend cutting the bar into thirds before using. This not only creates a more ergonomic shape that fits in your hand, it also maximizes the life of your soap.

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    1. Yummy feeling

      Thanks to my granddaughter in Atlanta for a sample !
      My old skin never felt so good :)
      Ordered upon returning to Florida.
      on Aug 16th 2018

    2. Just what I needed

      I do landscaping for a living and I get very smelly and dirty (Just ask my girlfriend). This soap helps scrub off any stuck on dirt thanks to that pumice and it really helps me smell great. I love the stuff! on Aug 14th 2017

    3. Great soap!

      I've loved this soap. My wife got one of the women's fragrances a while back and I would take it when she wasn't looking. She had to reorder more (I wonder why...) and got me the cedarwood + spruce. It's the same great soap with a men's fragrance! on May 12th 2017

    4. No more bodywash

      After using this soap I'm not going to buy the goopy body wash from the supermarket anymore. The soap smells great and leaves a light natural smelling scent on my skin, not an artificial perfume bomb that leaves me smelling like a teenager lol. The soap lathers up very nice and the bar lasts a long time. I can think of nothing negative to say! on Mar 9th 2017

    5. My husband loves it

      Smells good and it moisturizes without clogging the pores. He's used other soaps and his back breaks out. He also likes the fact that part of the bar is exfoliating. on Mar 6th 2017

    6. Best soap ever

      I love this soap so much I have it ordered and sent to me in California.

      It smells and feels amazing. I'm hooked!
      on Jan 23rd 2017

    7. A lasting and amazing scent!

      I must have smelled every soap at Mama's stall in Krog Street, but this one really stood out. This soap seriously smells like a hike in the woods, and it retained its scent the entire time I had it! It's been months since I've run out but I can still remember how the smell filled my bathroom. I should mention I forgot to cut the bar into thirds but the soap still lasted a few months by keeping it out of the water stream in my shower. This is definitely my favorite body soap from Mama. on Jan 10th 2017

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