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Liquid Soap

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    We want to know what you think! Give us your feedback about our Mama Lab Liquid Soap here.

    Our NEW premium liquid soap comes in an 8.5 oz foaming pump bottle and is full of rich, moisturizing oils that make washing your hands a pleasure. Our small batch liquid soap was formulated to leave your hands clean, soft, and lightly moisturized. Our soap is 100% natural, so you won’t find any synthetic foaming agents, preservatives, or fragrance oils.

    Pro-tip: Because of the natural oils we use, the foamer pump will eventually get clogged. All you need is a bobby pin, paper clip, etc. to scrape any solidified soap out of the nozzle. Another options is to soak the nozzle in hot water, then pump hot water through it to ensure the pathways are clear.

    What is Mama Lab? We created this designation for products we are rolling out that need your stamp of approval! Once we get enough feedback, we will add the product to the line or go back to the drawing board. To review a Mama lab product, click here.

    Questions you may have about our liquid soap

    What is different about your soap compared to commercial hand soap?

    Our liquid soap is an all-natural alternative to commercial hand soaps, and the biggest difference you will find are the ingredients used. Commercial soaps have many synthetic additives used to increase lather and shelf life. However, these can be irritating and drying to the skin. Our hand soap only uses natural ingredients to ensure your skin is well nourished and never dried out.

    Can I only use the soap on my hands?

    We formulated this soap as hand soap, however it works great all over your body! We are still researching home use; it should be safe to use for home cleaning, as this is an all-natural soap with no chemical additives. Please try it out in various ways and let us know if it works for you!

    Can I use without the foaming pump?

    Yes! Our soap will retain all of its moisturizing and cleansing properties without the foaming pump. The only difference you may encounter is in the soaps’ lather. We do not add any artificial suds or foaming agents to our soap, so without the foaming pump, you may just have to scrub a bit harder to achieve a big fluffy lather.

    Why is your soap thinner than commercial hand soap?

    Commercial soaps often include synthetic thickening agents in their ingredients. We don’t include any synthetic additives in our soaps which does make the final product a bit thinner than many of us are used to. We think the trade off is worth it!

    Why is my soap squirting out weird?

    Sometimes the liquid soap will solidify in the pump nozzle, and when you pump new soap out it will squirt in weird directions. All you need to do is use a bobby pin, skewer, paper clip, etc. to clear out any solidified soap paste out of the nozzle. Another options is to soak the nozzle in hot water, then pump hot water through it to ensure the pathways are clear.

    Are your soaps pH balanced?

    Grab a cup of coffee, because this is gonna take a minute! Natural Soap has recently gotten a bad rap in the pH argument because many commercial brands over-alkalize (add too much lye) to their soaps, giving their soaps a pH of 10+ to make them more shelf stable. Over-alkalizing, combined with the addition of synthetic ingredients (another standard practice in the industry) such as preservatives and fragrance oils, can make for quite the harsh soap!

    Natural soaps have a pH between 9-10, which provides cleansing power without being overly harsh on your skin. In addition to ensuring our soap pH doesn’t exceed 10, we choose only all natural ingredients – no synthetics, no chemicals – that leave skin nourished and not dried out.

    Any products that claim to be pH balanced (the same pH as your skin) are synthetic detergents (aka syndets), which are defined as “any synthetic substance, other than soap, that is an effective cleanser.” Although these products may be within the same pH range as our skin, they are often filled with harmful synthetic ingredients that can do more harm than a temporary disruption of your skin’s acid mantle.

    At Mama, we believe that synthetic ingredients are more cause for concern than any temporary disruption of our skin's pH. (A good sweaty workout or a dip in the pool are other ways we temporarily change the pH of our skin). Luckily, our skin is resilient and our pH will adjust back to normal range.

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