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Soy Candle Making 101



Candle Making 101
Candle Making 101 is an informative class providing you with all the knowledge you will need to make 100% natural soy container candles. Get ready to take notes as this class is great for those wishing to gain an in depth knowledge of candle making at home.

During the 1.5 - 2 hour Soy Candle Making Class, you will learn:


  • Proper temperatures and scent to wax ratios
  • Basic scent blending techniques using essential oils (you will create your own two note blend to use in your candle)
  • Different kinds of candle waxes and why we use soy
  • Candle making equipment and techniques
  • How to select the proper wick
  • How to make your own candle (of any size) at home
  • Candle safety

Classes are held at our shop in Avondale Estates, GA.