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Bug Off Soap - July Soap of the Month  | Mama Bath + Body

Bug Off Soap

Buy two bars of soap, get $1 off!
  • Product Description

    Mama® artisan soap is hand-crafted with olive, coconut and palm oils, using the cold process method of soap making. Our bars have an outstanding lather and leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Unlike commercial brands, our soap retains its glycerin, which makes for a naturally moisturizing soap.

    We have concocted the perfect blend of essential oils to keep mosquitoes and other bugs off. We started with lemon eucalyptus, which has long been touted for its bug repelling powers and teamed it with the powerhouse mosquito puncher, citronella. Lavender, geranium, and tea tree essential oils provide additional powers of repulsion to help keep the bugs at bay. Soap up during your morning shower and layer with our bug spray (soon to be released!) for additional protection.

    Fun Fact: Did you know that only female mosquitos bite? They need the proteins in blood to help them produce and develop their eggs.

    We cut each bar a chunky 5 oz, and cure it for 3 weeks. The finished bars look splendidly natural, like the ingredients that they are made of. Please note: soap design will vary with each bar, as all our soaps are made by hand in small batches.

    Our soaps are great in the shower! We use them with a nylon puff for a great lather.

    Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic olive, coconut & organic palm, botanicals, & essential oils.

    Product tip:
     For best use, we recommend cutting the bar into thirds before using. This not only creates a more ergonomic shape that fits in your hand, it also maximizes the life of your soap.

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    1. This soap is AMAZING

      I love this soap, it leaves me feeling moisturized, smelling pleasant, and it REPELS mosquitoes for over 24 hours. I have O+ blood type which apparently mosquitoes love, and I’m allergic to their bites! This soap helps me survive the summer. Love it! on Jul 10th 2020

    2. This soap is made for me!

      I have been plagued by mosquitoes my entire life. They love me, and I have a crazy big reaction to stings including my eyes swelling shut if they get me on my face. This soap keeps the pests away all day. I do add a bit of spray if I’m going outdoors in the evening. on May 26th 2020

    3. Bug-Off Soap Works

      I bought this soap for two reasons - to repel bugs when I'm outside and because I thought I would like the scent. Well, this soap really DOES keep the bugs off, and it turns out that I LOVE the beautiful, fresh scent of this soap! Seriously, I would buy it just for the scent, it's that good. Try this soap, it's worth it. on Jul 13th 2018

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