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Lavender + Eucalyptus Soap | Mama Bath + Body

Lavender + Eucalyptus Soap

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  • Product Description

    Mama® artisan soap is hand-crafted with olive, coconut and palm oils, using the cold process method of soap making. Our bars have an outstanding lather and leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Unlike commercial brands, our soap retains its glycerin, which makes for a naturally moisturizing soap. 

    **IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PALM OIL: We are greatly aware of the malpractice issues in the palm oil industry and the serious impact of palm oil that has been irresponsibly cultivated. We ONLY use responsibly and sustainably sourced, RSPO certified, organic palm oil in our soaps. Click here for more info:

    Our refreshing Lavender + Eucalyptus blend is comprised of 100% pure essential oils, and offers aromatherapy benefits. Gentle lavender is known to be calming and balancing, as well as soothing and healing to the skin, while a eucalyptus adds a mood-lifting boost

    We cut each bar a chunky 5 oz, and cure it for 3 weeks. The finished bars look splendidly natural, like the ingredients that they are made of. 

    Our soaps are great in the shower! We use them with a nylon puff for a great lather.

    Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, palm & coconut, botanicals & essential oils.

    Product tip:
     For best use, we recommend cutting the bar into thirds before using. This not only creates a more ergonomic shape that fits in your hand, it also maximizes the life of your soap.

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    1. So calming

      Smells great, hands feel clean and moisturized! on Jun 4th 2021

    2. Smells So Good! Doesn't last long.

      I am in the search for a new bar soap as the one I have used for years from another company was recently changed and the new smell is terrible! So I thought I'd give this a try. I really love everything about this soap and the smell is the best! The only complaint I would have is that it doesn't last as long as what I am accustomed to in bar soaps (which are equivalent to this in ingredients). The whole bar is gone after just a month of use by only myself. It is not sitting in water or getting beaten by the shower, so that is not the reason for its depletion either - just normal use. Our previous bars last a couple months with both my husband and myself using it and they are significantly less cost. In order for my family of 4 to be using this, I'd have to be spending about $40 a month in soap and that's a bit ridiculous. on May 3rd 2021

    3. Love This

      This was my first time purchasing this product
      It is so soothing to my body, feel refreshed
      I thank my Niece for turning me on to your business
      on Jun 9th 2020

    4. Love the smell of soaps.

      This is the first time I am buying soap. The smell is so good. Thank you for making different varieties of soap. on Apr 29th 2020

    5. Love the oil soaps!

      Any smell is wonderful. I buy a variety just to keep it interesting. on Apr 12th 2020

    6. LOVE this soap!

      This soap smells delicious and is so gentle on my skin. I love it, and have been ordering it for over a year! on Oct 14th 2019

    7. Heaven in a bar of soap

      The lavender eucalyptus is heaven in a bar of soap. It is the perfect combination of scent, suds, and serenity. Thank you for making this hard to find combination. This is now the only soap in my house. Thank you and please keep me making this product! on May 1st 2017

    8. Lavender eucalyptus soap smells great!

      Seems to be keeping me clean too. :) on Dec 15th 2016

    9. Love this aroma and the way it fills the room

      Our entire bathroom smells wonderful with this soap. It's such a delightful feeling to walk in and smell it! on Nov 8th 2016

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