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Soap Sampler

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    *Please note that packaging has changed! Due to COVID-19, our supply chains have experienced some disruption. The soap samplers are now packaged in muslin bags instead of glass jars. Same great soaps, just different packaging!

    The perfect gift for someone new to natural soaps! 

    Mama® artisan soap is hand-crafted with olive, coconut and palm oils, using the cold process method of soap making. Our bars have an outstanding lather and leave your skin feeling soft and silky. Unlike commercial brands, our soap retains its glycerin, which makes for a naturally moisturizing soap. 

    **IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PALM OIL: We are greatly aware of the malpractice issues in the palm oil industry and the serious impact of palm oil that has been irresponsibly cultivated. We ONLY use responsibly and sustainably sourced, RSPO certified, organic palm oil in our soaps. Click here for more info:

    Our new Soap Sampler Jar comes with 9 soap sticks of our most popular soaps. Each jar comes with:

    • Honey Almond
    • Lavender + Geranium (Calming)
    • Patchouli + Rosemary (Karma)
    • Charcoal 
    • Lavender + Lemongrass (Harmony)
    • Lavender + Rosemary
    • Lavender, Litsea + Tea Tree
    • Lemongrass + Rosemary (Cocoa Butter Bar)
    • Peppermint + Rosemary (Exhilarating) 

    The finished bars look splendidly natural, like the ingredients that they are made of. 

    Our soaps are great in the shower! We use them with a nylon puff for a great lather.

    • Richly scented with pure essential oil blends
    • Great for all skin types
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Vegan (except for Honey Almond)

    Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, palm & coconut, botanicals & essential oils.

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    1. Yummy Smell

      Love the sample soaps. Good way to try out many different fragrances. ❤️ on Jul 27th 2021

    2. Most are great but I wish the charcoal one wasn't included

      I bought this for myself to see what scents I would like and for 2 presents for our mothers. I tried the charcoal one first and wasn't thrilled with it. I wish the bag was only pleasant scented ones. Otherwise, I think a sampler is a great idea and the presentation is cute. on Apr 1st 2021

    3. Great Smells

      I opened my package in the kitchen and these small samples completely filled the room with great smells. I'm so excited to try these out! on Jan 18th 2021

    4. Great sampler

      I never thought I would be so excited about soap! I wasn't sure which soap to try as my "first" and this was perfect to test them all out on Oct 10th 2020

    5. Bar Soap that works!

      This sampler pack is an excellent method for the initiate to the bar soap world. There are a lot of bar soaps out there and I’ve not necessarily had great experiences. Mama’s soaps came to my attention as a great product (referred through SYSK) and wow, great referral. The soaps do lather really well, even in the shower! The scents are well balanced, smell great, and last for a good amount of time. The sampler pack is a great method to venture into this more natural focus of hygiene and determine which scents you like best. on Sep 5th 2020

    6. I am so impressed!

      I heard about this company on a podcast and decided to give their products a try. I ordered the sampler to help decide which soaps I liked best. I also bought some large bars of other scents that I knew I would love. I have not been disappointed! I don't have any major skin problems like many of the customers that have left reviews. I just like the idea of supporting a company that makes great products and cares about the environment. The packaging is thoughtful and wonderful. I hope as the company grows it will continue to value its customers. The handwritten note included with my order was enough to make me want to order more! I absolutely love the soaps I have gotten so far and look forward to trying more. I like the scents because they are not overpowering but still make the bathroom smell great. I am a customer for life! on Aug 20th 2020

    7. Great product, excellent service!

      I love this soap! I purchased the sampler to try out the scents and I was not disappointed. I especially loved the honey almond. What was even better was the service. Due to COVID19 I was anticipating a long wait time but my order came in within a couple days. Not only did my order contain a hand written note, but an extra sample thrown in as well! You can really see the care they show for their customers. The packaging was very intuitive with a paper on the inside of the lid labeling each scent so you knew which was which. I am excited to try more of the soap varieties and will definitely be a customer in the future. on Aug 14th 2020

    8. Great buy

      Super happy i bought this sampler! Im new to love your mama, but this has helped me find my favorite soaps from them. As expected all of the soaps are of great quality. This set is super cute, and comes with a picture that tells you which soap is which. Every one of them are soaps i would consider buying
      Thank you so so much loveyourmama!
      on Aug 1st 2020

    9. Soap Bubbles!

      I have been using liquid soap for so long that I had forgotten the pure joy of real soap lather. Mama's soaps have a rich lather that you can't find in liquids or store brand soaps. And, this sampler jar was perfect for me to find the scent I want to order next. on Jul 23rd 2020

    10. Great idea

      5+ stars! This is truly a fabulous idea. It was my introduction to Mama bar soaps and I’ve been a fan ever since. Yes, each slice is small, but who wants to be stuck with an entire bar of undesirably, stinky soap? Plus, you never know which scent you might like. Not all (e.g.patchouli) soaps are created equally. This is the perfect gift, too- a great way to introduce others to Mama’s natural products. on May 26th 2020

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