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Cheering (Litsea) Mood Tube

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    Cheering Mood Tube (Litsea Essential Oil): Our cheering mood tube will give you an instant mood boost. Litsea Cubeba is flying solo because its pleasing aroma is well-known for helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. Be sure to apply liberally on your down days.

    Our new Mood Tubes are power packed roll-ons that combine sweet almond oil with pure essential oils to provide whatever aroma-therapeutic boost you may need throughout the day.  

    Each scent blend is designed to help you face any atmosphere with mindfulness and a level head. Due to their compact size, our Mood Tubes can travel with you wherever you go - whether it is the yoga mat, the office or even to bed. For a bit of bliss, simply remove the lid and use the roller to apply blend to wrists, pulse points or temples.

    Ingredients: Sweet almond oil and essential oils. 

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    1. Calming

      I used this on a recent trip because flying makes me anxious. I used the roller to apply to my wrists and the combination of scents helped reduce my stress and made the flight much more enjoyable for me. The scent also faded after a time so I didn't feel like I was going around smelling like lemongrass. on Mar 11th 2021

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