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Dear friends, fans, and patrons of Mama,

In light of what we know about COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to close our retail stores for the next 2 weeks. It was a challenging and costly choice, but it is important to us that we are on the right side of helping to flatten the curve. We are hoping other businesses will soon follow suit (many already are) so that we can minimize the amount of time we all have to be closed. And we would really appreciate if our state and/or federal government would show some solidarity and put some mandatory measures into place to help speed this quarantine period along. 

My main focus in the meantime is to figure out how to keep the business afloat and our employees paid in the safest and most responsible way during this unknown time. This is going to hit small businesses hard, and some won’t come back from this depending on how long it goes on. My goal is to not let that not be us. My mission and purpose for this business has become a lot more clear in the last few weeks, realizing that what we offer are more than products that smell good and feel good; they are products that can help prevent the spread of communicable diseases and empower people take care of themselves. This is a mission that is worth fighting for. 

Here’s our current plan for the next 2 weeks:

1. Our Avondale and Krog Street Market retail stores will be closed until March 29th or until we get new information.

2. Our retail staff will stay home and be paid for their scheduled hours through March 29th.

3. We will continue to accept and ship online orders, including the option of free local pickup during certain hours in the parking lot outside of our production facility (which is behind our Avondale store). 

4. Abby (our operations manager), Rae (our production manager) and myself will be working limited hours in our production building to expedite web orders and keep making products. The 3 of us have been practicing social distancing and good hygiene at our homes and consider ourselves a closed loop. We are sanitizing and taking all precautions in the production facility, including washing our hands regularly and all packages will be packed and sent with the utmost care. In addition, no one else will be allowed access to our production facility until further notice. 

5. We have added our entire selection of bulk herbs, teas and tinctures to our website during this quarantine period. We want to make sure our customers who count on us for these important wellness items still have access to everything you need. 

The best way you can support us and all of the other small businesses who are in our position is to continue to patronize our businesses while we’re waiting this out. 

Please stay safe, keep your distance and wash your hands! We will be in touch with more information as it comes.

The best way to keep up-to-date is to follow us on social media. Instagram: @mamabathandbody or Facebook: mamabathandbody

With all of our love,

Emilie and the staff of Mama Bath + Body

P.S. The CDC has stated that washing your hands with plain old soap and water (for at least 20 seconds) is the most effective defense against viral illnesses, even over hand sanitizer. You can read more about that here.